Sunday, September 27, 2009

Most Dominant Reflex

The Amygdala is hands down the most dominant reflex in reflexology today. If executed properly, the reflexologist can do a fine job of helping their clients normalize.

List of Massege Schools in Ohio

Here is a list of all massage schools in Ohio. Even though reflexology is a separate modality, we should remain integrative in our goals of holistic relationships and health.

How to do reflexology

If you are interested in learning reflexology, I have a new book out called The Holland Method of Advanced Reflexology. This reflexology book is designed to teach you about reflexology even if you are new to reflexology.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

What is Reflexology?

Here is the latest article on reflexology and its definition from the Holland Reflexology Institute.
The article is entitled "what is reflexology".

You will see differences between the Dominant Method of reflexology and Ingham Method, as regards theory and practice.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Reflexology School

I have finally getting close to opening my new reflexology school. This school is for the advanced learning of my method of reflexology. Click here to check out the new reflexology school.

I also have my new book for sale on reflexology at the new site.


Friday, August 10, 2007

102-year-old patient loves reflexology

My first patient over 100 years old had her first reflexology treatment by me today. She knew that pain was inevitable with first visit, but she wants to feel better and drugs just don't cut it.

After a lot of moaning and groaning, I asked her what she thought of me, after I gave her this pain.

She looked up (I braced myself thinking she was going to give me a piece of her mind) and said; " I think your terrific."

Well, that made my day.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Painful Feet At Work

Woman in her mid 40’s in good physical condition yet has pain in her feet from standing at work all day.
Treatment #: 1st treatment
Sept. 4, 2006
Signs during treatment:
1) Relaxed and in control of her emotions. Positive personality; no signs of depression. No major health problems to this date to speak of. Just sore feet.
Special reflexes that were noticed: (SS stands for sensitivity scale)

1) Hallux (side of neck) caused patient to thrash her head and have a neck release of some sort. Patient seemed very surprised to have that reaction 2 minutes into treatment.
2) Calcium deposits in feet seemed to be minimal at best
3) Adrenals on both feet (7 SS)
4) Hip/sciatic on both feet (9 SS)
5) Thyroid reflex in left great toe (Hallux) (8 SS)
Reaction from the patient:

- “I feel like I am floating on air.”
- Patient experienced a neck release that my stepfather (Chiropractor) was able to speak with patient about and confirm.
- A feeling of euphoria (the Buzz as I like to call it) was present long after the treatment.
-Patient was walking in a disoriented manner for the first 6 steps (from the reflexology chair), giggling on how wonderful she felt.
Conclusion of first visit:
A much hoped for reaction to a good treatment. This is the way 80% of my patients feel after first treatment. Patient will be visiting my office every 2 weeks. There should be no problem to get these reflexes under control and have healthy woman in less than 3 treatments.
With a slight imbalance of the Thyroid reflex it would be understandable for Adrenal glands to be sensitive also. We just need to fine-tune her endocrine system so that she will feel above par.

Doug Holland

*(SS) stands for Sensitivity Scale
*Scale goes from 1 to 10. 1 is like a light tickle and 10 feels like a nail is being driven into the foot. Reflex pain above an 7 get my attention..