Monday, July 23, 2007

Painful Feet At Work

Woman in her mid 40’s in good physical condition yet has pain in her feet from standing at work all day.
Treatment #: 1st treatment
Sept. 4, 2006
Signs during treatment:
1) Relaxed and in control of her emotions. Positive personality; no signs of depression. No major health problems to this date to speak of. Just sore feet.
Special reflexes that were noticed: (SS stands for sensitivity scale)

1) Hallux (side of neck) caused patient to thrash her head and have a neck release of some sort. Patient seemed very surprised to have that reaction 2 minutes into treatment.
2) Calcium deposits in feet seemed to be minimal at best
3) Adrenals on both feet (7 SS)
4) Hip/sciatic on both feet (9 SS)
5) Thyroid reflex in left great toe (Hallux) (8 SS)
Reaction from the patient:

- “I feel like I am floating on air.”
- Patient experienced a neck release that my stepfather (Chiropractor) was able to speak with patient about and confirm.
- A feeling of euphoria (the Buzz as I like to call it) was present long after the treatment.
-Patient was walking in a disoriented manner for the first 6 steps (from the reflexology chair), giggling on how wonderful she felt.
Conclusion of first visit:
A much hoped for reaction to a good treatment. This is the way 80% of my patients feel after first treatment. Patient will be visiting my office every 2 weeks. There should be no problem to get these reflexes under control and have healthy woman in less than 3 treatments.
With a slight imbalance of the Thyroid reflex it would be understandable for Adrenal glands to be sensitive also. We just need to fine-tune her endocrine system so that she will feel above par.

Doug Holland

*(SS) stands for Sensitivity Scale
*Scale goes from 1 to 10. 1 is like a light tickle and 10 feels like a nail is being driven into the foot. Reflex pain above an 7 get my attention..

Reflexology Patient Mark Schaeffer Stroke Victim

On October 14, 2005 a healthy 51-year-old Mark Schaeffer suffered a stroke and was in a coma for a number of days and remained in the Cleveland Clinic for 16 days. Mark received paralysis to the entire right side of his body including loss of speech and all motor skills on the right hemisphere. However, after being transported to Hillside Clinic, therapy began and a painful process of rehabilitation commenced.

In February (2006) Physical Therapist Jill Wilson and partner colleagues helped restore Mark’s speech to the point where he could be understood and a certain amount of motor skills to the right leg and right arm. However, with all the genuine care from physicians and the PT (Wilson), Mark’s progress came to a screeching halt. That’s when Jill recommended me. As a reflexologist, I might be able to help Mark progress further.

Treatment #: 1, 2 & 3
Date: September 7, 2006
Signs during treatment:
Here’s the issues - little to no range-of-motion in his right hand; nor feeling in the tips of this fingers. Little to no range-of-motion in his right foot; unable to move the great toe. Little to no control of the right leg. Mark wears a leg brace to help stabilize his right foot; which he has no control over. Unable to substantially control the right arm and perform minor functions (like grabbing a zipper on a pair of pants and pulling). Still slurring in his speech.
- When striking the mid-thoracic reflexes of the spine, along with the hip-sciatic reflexes, would cause a chain reaction in the leg that would cause it to flex at the knee (almost 90% and pulling me out of my sitting position), the hamstring, quad muscles to contract and flare (like a cobra’s neck) and then muscles in the leg would roll in a wave-like pattern from the calf up to the medial part of the groin muscle. Then Mark’s foot would quiver involuntarily for 30-40 seconds as if he had cold chills. Yet Mark said he felt no pain and was not in control at all of the motion. Mark seemed thrilled at the prospect of this kind of muscle expansion since he has not had that happen since the day of his stroke.
- Also when working Mark’s right hand in Zone 5 between the thumb and the first metacarpal bone, again, extreme flexing of the right bicep and a pulling motion towards his chest. It was as if Mark and I were arm wrestling. Mark was elated. He had not experienced muscular contractions of this sort since the day of his stroke. His comment to me was that, “With all the electrogesic put on my leg and my arm, it could not cause all the contractions that I’m seeing!”
- By the third treatment, Mark has sensation in his right fingertips, greater articulation in his thumb and a greater range-of-motion in the entire arm up to the shoulder. He also can move his right foot and the tip of his great toe; he’s able to dorsal flex the great toe for the first time since his stroke.As you can imagine, Mark is happy with the progress of just three treatments, as am I.

Special reflexes that where noticed: (SS stands for sensitivity scale)
Right foot Hip-sciatic reflex 10+ SS
Right foot Head/neck reflex 7 SS
Right shoulder reflex 7 SS

Symptoms and reaction from the patient:
* “That’s just incredible! I am so glad to see the muscles in my leg move like that. There’s still hope.”
* Mark’s response from first treatment was soreness in both feet. Second visit, we did both feet and right arm. He had soreness in his right arm, but he had a greater range-of-motion. No other side affects other than sleepiness from the first treatment.

Conclusion of first three visits:

Even though Mark’s speech has not improved, progress has been made in both the right foot as regards the great toe, contraction and range-of-motion in right leg, contraction and range-of-motion in right arm and sensation in phalanges of the right hand. Mark was very surprised at the progress and I have to admit I was as well. Both of us are very hopeful of continued progress from reflexology treatments. Mark’s treatments will continue once a week for the duration.
With Mark’s permission, he wants us to continue to follow his case in writing for helping us to understand the reflexology theory and put it to scientific understanding. Mark knows that there is no cure (I believe this also, that there are no cures in life) but keeping the feet healthy will give him the best chance at organic healing.

One thing that can be said to those naysayers of reflexology is, “Try telling Mark that reflexology doesn’t work and it’s just in his head.”

Mark sees his physician and physical therapist weekly.

Doug Holland I.R.

*(SS) stands for Sensitivity Scale
*Scale goes from 1 to 10. 1 is like a light tickle and 10 feels like a nail is being driven into the foot. Reflex pain above a 7 gets my attention.

A Physician’s Experience With Reflexology

I’m a 56-year-old male physician. I experienced a severe, right knee sprain 20 years ago resulting in chronic knee pain. There are presently fascial contractions in my lower leg and hip that have developed. I’ve experienced mild lower back pain and right mid-foot and heel pain for two years as well as stiffness in the right knee/foot and noticeable stiffness in my gait; frequent stretching is no longer working. Also, neck pain associated with sinus drainage.

1st treatment from Doug Holland: Sharp pains in both feet, right most severe during treatment. I experienced heat “flush” in right neck and enjoyed 5 days of nasal passage relief following treatment. After treatment, both feet felt like I was walking on air cushions, which continued for 2-3 days. Right foot pain was gone for 5 days. Only mild, mid-foot pain returned. A feeling of incredibly deep relaxation for 30 minutes after treatment and a tranquil state that lasted for several hours.

2nd and 3rd treatments: Much less tenderness in feet during treatment. Intense heat flushes to face and chest during mid-treatment, especially to right side of neck. Walking on air cushion sensation following treatment six days. Foot pain did not return. Noticed flexibility had returned to knee and walked without stiffness in gait. Neck issue was 99% gone since 3rd treatment. Deep relaxation after treatment and tranquil state lasted for about one hour.

4th treatment: No tenderness in feet during treatment. Walking on air feeling lasted 6 days. I experienced mild, mid-foot discomfort on 7th day. Right knee ache gone [had been chronic for 20 years]. No tenderness in knee to deep rubbing. Neck pain still gone. My right foot was feeling very flexible. I had less ‘heat’ sensations in this treatment. I experienced less profound relaxation, but still long-lasting tranquility (less irritability). In the last 10 minutes of treatment, I felt my right lung fill with mucus, which expelled frequently in the next 60 minutes; also a great deal of intestinal ‘growling’ during the last half of treatment. Experiencing no NP or foot pain at all. Air cushion effect continues.

5th treatment: Entered treatment with no pain in body, but tired after a hard day. No foot pain during treatment except very tender in adrenal region of right foot. During treatment heartbeat strength and noted increase which continued 6 hours after treatment. Also experienced an agitated, nervous state which lasted for several hours; unable to ‘wind down’. Slept well and awoke refreshed and normal. Air cushion in feet remains.

6th treatment: No body pain entering treatment. My feet were not tender nor was there any heat sensation during treatment. I experienced an odd right, mid-foot sensation near little toeside during treatment and I also felt deep relaxation following it and a tranquil attitude for a short time. The air cushion sensation and youthful “spring in my step” feeling lasted for several hours following reflexology.

Results so far:
1) No more Neck Pain
2) No foot pain for 5 weeks
3) Walking with a normal gait
4) 20 years of chronic knee pain reduced to very minor level, most days pain-free.

Physician (anonymous)

“original main complaint: right mid foot pain, chronic right knee pain and stiffness in gait.

It has been one week since last treatment. Just the slightest hint of stiffness has crept into right foot and knee since yesterday. No other complaint.”Today’s treatment experience:

“No sensitivity in feet during treatment, with one exception. Right foot was very reactive in area of transverse colon all the way across to left foot near splenic flexure reflex just before descending colon. During treatment to that region of the foot, right thigh experienced “goose flesh” and mild tremor of short duration followed by intense intestinal growling throughout the rest of the treatment (and for about 1 hour after the treatment).

Immediately following treatment my usual deep relaxation was replaced by an energized mental state of very short duration, (20 minutes). Within one hour of treatment deep fatigue required a 90 minute nap. Awoke refreshed and alert.

Feet, knee and gait rejuvenated immediately following treatment.”

Next treatment:

My condition at the start of this treatment: I was just starting to recover from 4 days of viral respiratory infection and feeling rundown. My feet and knees felt good.

During the treatment both of my feet were tender in the upper mid-foot, which corresponds to the lungs and lymph areas of the body. Very interesting as this area has never been tender prior to this respiratory bug.

After treatment I did not have my usual feeling of deep relaxation or fatigue, but felt my mental faculties strengthened and more stamina. Doug tells me this often happens after patients have received several treatments, since energy levels in the body have been restored and rest is no longer required. I’m going to miss that mellow feeling.

Menstrual Irregularities Part 1-4

Woman in early 30’s. Overweight, some health problems. Complaining of allergies, irregular menses, possible pre-diabetic conditions.

Treatment #: 1st treatment
Date: Sept. 2, 2006

Signs during treatment:

1) Very sensitive feet when walking thumbs and fingers with very light acupressure being applied. Patient showed EXTREME sensitivity and begged me to use lighter pressure. The only way I could use lighter pressure was to not touch her feet.

Special reflexes that were noticed: (SS stands for sensitivity scale)

1) Toes, neck, uterus, lymphatic, sciatic were all 10+. Everything else was a 7-9.

Symptoms from the patient:

- “That was so painful.”

- Patient reported feeling like I was cutting her skin with my nails while I worked the reflexes or I was cutting her skin with glass.

- Patient extremely relaxed when the treatment ended. Took a nap afterwards.

- Reported her feet felt like they were ‘walking on air’ after the treatment.

Conclusion of first visit:

I’ve never seen anyone with this much hypersensitivity to almost all her reflexes. She did mention that she has an extremely low threshold of pain. She’s not looking forward to treatment, but to the way she’ll feel afterwards.

*(SS) stands for Sensitivity Scale
*Scale goes from 1 to 10. 1 is like a light tickle and 10 feels like a nail is being driven into the foot. Reflex pain above a 7 gets my attention.

Part 2:

Woman in early 30’s. Overweight, some health problems. Complaining of allergies, irregular menses, possible pre-diabetic conditions.

Treatment #: 2nd treatment
Date: Sept. 9, 2006

Signs during treatment:

1) Showed a marked drop in sensitivity to all her reflexes on only second treatment. Was able to relax during her treatment, mostly.

Special reflexes that were noticed: (SS stands for sensitivity scale)

1) Hip/sciatic 10+
2) Eyes/ears left foot 10+
3) Bronchial reflex 7
4) Ovaries 10+

Symptoms from the patient:

- “I behaved much better didn’t I? It didn’t hurt as much.”

- Patient reported numbness when I applied pressure to the top of her large toes.

- Patient again extremely relaxed when the treatment ended. Took a nap afterwards.

- Reported again her feet felt like they were ‘walking on air’ after the treatment.

Conclusion of second visit:

She still has extreme sensitivity in a couple of areas, but none in the rest of her feet. She was able to relax in only one treatment and is now looking forward to next week’s treatment instead of conclusion.

*(SS) stands for Sensitivity Scale
*Scale goes from 1 to 10. 1 is like a light tickle and 10 feels like a nail is being driven into the foot. Reflex pain above a 7 gets my attention.

Part 3:

Woman in early 30’s. Overweight, some health problems. Complaining of allergies, irregular menses, possible pre-diabetic conditions.

Treatment #: 3rd treatment
Date: Sept. 15, 2006

Signs during treatment:

Pain was on high alert today, with all reflexes being very sensitive. I used very little pressure yet patient was experiencing above average pain.

Special reflexes that were noticed: (SS stands for sensitivity scale)

1) Hip/sciatic 10+
2) Sinus Reflexes on both feet
3) Bronchial/Chest Lung on right foot 7
4) Ovaries/Uterus 10+

Symptoms from the patient:

- “I thought this was supposed to not hurt as much Doug? I still have not had a menstruation cycle in over a year.”

- Patient still had not had a period as hoped by making visits with me.

- Patient again extremely relaxed when the treatment ended.

- Reported again her feet felt like they were ‘walking on air’ after the treatment. She just loves that feeling.

Conclusion of third visit:

She still has extreme sensitivity in both feet. This is unusual for a third time visit. And still no progress with menstrual cycle. So far the only benefit to this patient has been relaxation. Just goes to show reflexology is not an instant cure for patient problems. Only time will tell if reflexology (in this case) will assist her body to normalize.

Part 4:

Woman in early 30’s. Overweight, some health problems. Complaining of allergies, irregular menses, possible pre-diabetic conditions.

Treatment #: 4th treatment
Date: Sept. 22, 2006

Signs during treatment:

Pain was mitigated in this visit. I still used very little pressure yet patient was experiencing above average pain only in a few areas.

Special reflexes that were noticed: (SS stands for sensitivity scale)

1) Sinus Reflexes on both feet
2) Ovaries/Uterus 10+

Symptoms from the patient:

- “It wasn’t as bad as last week. Only very painful in a few areas.”

- Patient reported that she began her menstrual cycle two days after her last treatment (number 4). This is significant because she has not had a period in over a year!

- Patient again extremely relaxed when the treatment ended. Reported again her feet felt like they were ‘walking on air’ after the treatment. She just loves that feeling.

Conclusion of fourth visit:

She still has extreme sensitivity in both feet but only in a few areas. It is of interest that one month after her first session, she started menstruating. The other obvious benefit to this patient has been relaxation. As her body begins to ‘normalize’ she will be helped in other areas as well.

Doug Holland I.R.

My Strep Throat Was Cured Naturally Just Before They Cut Me

From My Wife,

The importance of taking probiotics is highlighted by my experience of battling strep throat.

About 7 years ago, I started cycling one severe sore throat after another. Having had strep throat numerous times during my childhood, I wasn’t surprised to be diagnosed with it. There would be extreme throat pain, with fever and extreme fatigue, followed by a trip to the doctor with a prescription for antibiotics. The pain would go away and one to two weeks later, the cycle would repeat itself, except I’d be sent home with a different antibiotic.

Handed my 5th prescription (in a two month period of time) I refused to take any more antibiotics until the culture came back. It came back negative for bacterial infection.

My doctor referred me to an ear, nose and throat specialist. Now I know dealing with this isn’t the same as living with ALS or terminal cancer, but I was a young mother with two energetic toddlers and a business to help my husband run; and I wasn’t dealing with things very well. Extreme pain and fatigue will do that. So I went to the specialist, who charged me $125 to look at my throat and tell me, “Yeah, I can remove your tonsils…wait until you get insurance,” and then he sent me home.

I concluded that a tonsillectomy was not a pressing emergency for me; maybe it would help pay for the oral surgeon’s golf club membership (I like to help people, but not at the cost of my body parts).

Years later, I feel I should have asked my doctor to test me for mono, as I had it as a teenager with the same symptoms.

This was before most people used the Internet to research everything. Providentially, my husband went out to Durango, Colorado with some friends and met a massage therapist who told him about how his own grandson was hospitalized from strep and nearly died. He discovered probiotics and started sneaking some to his grandson in the hospital. The child made a dramatic recovery and the medical doctors were none the wiser. This MT begged my husband not to let them take out my tonsils. “They’re the body’s first line of defense,” he said, “they’re just overwhelmed and need some help.”

As soon as Doug could, he got to a phone and called me and told me to run to the health food store and get refrigerated acidophilus in liquid and pill form and ‘start dousing myself with it’. I took off to get them and along with taking copious amounts of garlic, Vitamin C, Echinacea and goldenseal (and let’s not forget ibuprofen for the pain!) the pain in my throat immediately lessened. In two days, it was completely gone.

Within less than a week the fatigue was gone as well. Never to return. Right? Wrong. Of course the symptoms returned. Because I got lazy. My tonsils would need constant help, nutritionally speaking. I quit taking the acidophilus and would ingest too much sugar and boom! Sore throat. I’d get off the sugar and go back on the acidophilus. Problem solved.

The next several years I kept this sick cycle up until last year when the same illness with the extreme sore throat and the extreme fatigue that lasted for months - and the normal acidophilus I took wasn’t helping. I was so weak, that a friend had to go to the health food store and pick up more probiotics for me and just happened to pick up Primal Defense by Garden of Life (least expensive retailer this week is house of nutrition but I buy it everywhere).

Not only do they have the probiotics, but it has Homeostatic Soil Organisms, the friendly enzymes that have been depleted from soil that the body needs to heal itself. Within a few hours of taking the first dose, the sore throat pain became bearable and within 24 hours, it was gone. Within a few days, I felt like a new person and months of ill health had vanished. So now I keep it in my cupboard at all times and it’s a part of my daily diet. I ‘up’ the dose if I’m fighting a bug or have been exposed to someone sick.

There are a few things I learned about this.

One thing is - that no matter how sincere the doctor is, I am the one who will live with the consequences of the doctor’s recommendations. They are not God and I can choose to not follow their instructions if I’m not confident in their assessment. The world will not stop spinning on its’ axis.

The other side of that is that puts the onus on me to do a lot of research! It won’t do well at all to be an ignorant, disagreeable patient. Also, approach problems from a nutritional standpoint; if you’re sick, there could be a nutrient you’re missing.

Finally, if you find something that works, stick with it.

I try to share this information with others, but I’m not obnoxious about it. I still know a lot of people who run themselves or their kids to the doctor to be stuffed with antibiotics at the sign of a sniffle. I share what I know but encourage people to do research for themselves.

After this experience, I have found to be open to suggestions from people who try to take a naturopathic approach to medicine.

- Lori Holland

Friday, July 6, 2007

Female Patient Legs Twitch

A forty-five year old female patient legs began to shake and vibrate uncontrollably fast at the end of both feet being treated.

I quickly placed both of my thumbs in the Solar-Plexus Diaphragm reflex area and held until legs quit shaking. It took between 30 and 60 seconds for the legs to calm down. Both the patient and I were perplexed at the occurrence, and both of us wondered what it meant. This was the second time this patient has visited me but a first for leg tremors.

Will see what this event means as regards reflexology over time. However, today (even with strange reaction) patient was feeling wonderful after treatment.

Doug Holland I.R.

Pain in The Feet After Loved One Dies

Something I have found to be very strange and I thought needed some attention is “Super-Pain” in the feet. Now remember, this phenomenon (Super-Pain) is with my advanced patients only and those who have seen me several times over the course of many months. This strange reaction comes in the form of very intense pain all over the feet.

Why is that strange? Because these patients have two things that are very common to them.

1) They had no pain in their previous visits because of having their feet worked free of all congestion.

2) They’ve just lost a loved one who they were very close to or have received news that a loved one is very sick (such as cancer).

Time and time again, for no other apparent reason a patient will come to me and be in agony with the slightest touch to the feet. Only later they will reveal to me that they have just been through a traumatic moment (or someone they love has).

Still doubt the feet have little to do with revealing stress and sickness? My experience has raised interesting questions in both the patient and I, that may never be able to be answered in our lifetime.

The good news is, is that even though they sit through a reflexology session (perceived as torturous), their feet (and their body) crave the attention in order to dismiss the stressful agony of their emotional life. It is a blessing to see them leave calm, with a slight smile, and a restful gait that helps them face one more day in this world. Naturally, of course.

Doug Holland, Reflexologist.

Infertility Helped by Reflexology Treatments

This is a summary of an infertile woman of 7 years finally conceiving after reflexology treatments.

I finally received good news from a patient who has been childless for 7 years after marriage. This patient desperately wanted a child because for the Amish, having children is a true blessing of their faith. Without promises or treating for a specific illness, I told her I would do my best to work all the reflexes in order to get circulation back in her feet. The ovary and the uterus reflexes were 10+.

“I tried everything and nothing seems to work Doug. I hope reflexology will help?” - said Mary (not real name).

After five treatments Mary got pregnant and is beyond ecstatic (as you could imagine). I asked her if she had done anything different? Food, medicine, herbs, or anything? Her reply was nothing other than the foot treatments.

Well, I am willing to put one on the scorecard for reflexology helping infertility. I guess those who practiced this modality 4000 years ago new what they were doing.


Reflexology Helps Hip and Knee Pain

Well, it just goes to show that reflexology charts are not one size fits all. I use a very prominent chart in the reflexology field that shows where the reflexes should be. But people are people and they were around before charts. For instance; I worked on a 59-year-old female patient yesterday who has had severe hip pain for over 6 months. Nothing seemed to help her have lasting relief so she came to me on a recommendation.

After working her feet for about 20 minutes, the same reflex (10+ in sensitivity) kept stubborn to the end. What reflex was that? It was her knee reflex. Her hip/sciatic reflex was mild in comparison.

The good news is that after that first treatment her hip pain was gone. That’s right! One treatment helped her and of course she has rescheduled for further treatments.

To locate the knee reflex look to the lateral aspect off the foot, just below the cuboid (bone) notch. The picture above will help you to see where to walk the thumb and apply the pressure. Remember to walk the thumb vertical as well as across the vertical aspect. If this dose not help then move to the ankle bone (talus) and place your fingers just below the bone and press/rub that area. Remember this is the outside of the foot (lateral).

Doug Holland IR

Ileocecal Valve and Sinusitis

What is an Ileocecal Valve? This is a sphincter muscle that prevents fecal matter from the ascending colon entering the ileum of the small intestine. The problem is that refined food and stress can hinder this valve from closing all the way.

Why does this matter? Because these toxic substances that seep back into the small intestine can cause bacterial infections so the body produces a chemical called sterol to remove inflammation. These organic alcohols cause the body to overereact and produce chemicals such as tryptophan, which is a type of amino acid.

The body’s reaction to this amino acid is to produce histamine, which is another amino acid that neutralizes tryptophan. And we all know what it means when there’s a buildup of histamines in the body. Sinus, sinus, sinus, bronchial and other allergic reactions. That’s it for Doug’s anatomy lesson for the day.

How Long Should A Reflexology Treatment Take?

People ask me all the time how long a reflexology treatment should take. My answer is: it depends upon the person and their needs. The more someone visits me AND the healthier their feet become, the less time it takes. As a general rule, the first visit is 45 minutes. This includes, greeting, warm-up, intent, and the patient leaving the room. As another general rule, you can do a superb job on both feet in about 30 minutes. So I schedule patients every 45 minutes and no one feels rushed.

One thing I learned when I go over the 30-minute mark is that you can over-stimulate the reflexes and undo your hard work. Better to work the feet one good time (reaching all reflexes once) and then use the rest of the time for relaxation techniques. At the end of each of my treatments I hold the Solar Plexus/Diaphragm reflex of both feet for 3 minutes. This allows the patient to truly relax at the end and forget about all that pain.

After a few treatments, the patients will crave for this ‘holding position’ and its’ relaxing benefits.

As an example of this, I worked on 5 patients in 3 hours and 15 minutes this morning.

Well, my lunch break is almost over; time to get back to work.

Doug Holland I.R.

Cold Feet - How To Warm Them?

So many people today complain about cold feet. It especially seems to affect woman above the age of 40.

To many times in life will the person beg to put their feet against their partner to warm them up, only to be rejected fervently and emphatically. No one likes cold feet touching them in the bed at night and with that the person with cold feet suffers in silence. Even three pairs of socks will not comfort the penguin pair. ‘Why are my feet so cold?’ they ask.

In the majority of all cases it is poor circulation to the feet. Blood is the cooling and warming mechanism for the feet. There is no shivering in the feet that can produce heat through muscular tissue friction like in the case of other areas in the body. So the feet are on their own, so to speak, and warm blood is needed.
That’s where the reflexologist comes in. Reflexology uses pressure to induce circulation in the feet and helps clear congestion in the tissue and ligament fibers so that greater flexibility, nerve impulses and blood flow.

I worked on an 84-year-old lady who has suffered with cold feet for years; yet after one treatment she has reported to me that her feet have been toasty warm. After her treatment today, she felt warm all over, even though it was 55 degrees outside.

Reflexology works and I have an 84-year-old patient to prove it.

Doug Holland I.R.

Reflexology Changes Lives For The Better

I have been having some great success with reflexology lately, so much so that my practice has grown rapidly in the last few months. Here are just a few things that have blown me away as regards some reactions from some of my patients.

1) Lady in her mid 40’s begins to have regular menstruation cycle after 7 years of inactivity.

2) Man in his late 50’s, who has suffered from allergies so bad that he wanted to commit suicide, no longer has major problems after one visit. That’s right…one visit.

3) Young man who has been lethargic and had little to no energy is living life to the full for the first time in over 10 years. His words to me were “I feel like doing things, and I no longer feel depressed.”

I continue to hear from most of my patients a consistent theme that goes as follows;
Less pain throughout the day, less depression, less anxiety, less headaches, less anger and a better sense of wellbeing.

Now that is worth going to work for.


What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a unique modality in the health field. Reflexology is the applied pressure of the practitioners thumb and fingers to the patients feet and hands. This applied pressure (a form of acu pressure) clears crystals (possible calcium and uric acid mixtures) to unblock nerve impulses. Circulation is increased when fascia and bones are torqued and manipulated while congestion is naturally removed.

Something that cannot be proved scientifically but is theoretically possible is the reflex reaction to the pressure. What do I mean? A major theory (started by Eunice Ingham) say’s that when reflexes are struck (applied pressure) it can signal changes needed to the organ, gland or parts of the body it corresponds to. It may be some kind of signal like a TV or Radio wave or an electrical impulse that passes through tissue unabated. Only time and science will discover why it works so well.

Reflexology can be painful at first because of early congestion in the feet. However, after a few treatments the pain will subside and a deep relaxation will prevail.

The Reflexologist’s purpose is not to treat or diagnose for any specific medical disorder, but to promote better health and well being in the same way as an exercise or diet program. Its practice should not be compared to massage or any other kind of manipulative procedure. I have no doubt that reflexology works for I have been an eyewitness to the fact as regards myself and hundreds of patients.

I just want to make it perfectly clear that I do not purport to teach medical practice in any form; nor are the Reflexology methods I use intended to replace conventional medical treatment. I refer all patients to see physicians for medical reasons.

Example: I have a family member that lost their thyroid at age 18. All the reflexology in the world will not bring back the thyroid and medical assistance is needed. If a diagnosis is needed, then I send my patients to my stepdad who is a licensed Chiropractor. Then, if it is out of his scope, it goes on to my physician. But in most cases, I get to see people after they have been to every allopathic doctor and have had no relief.

It is sad to see some in the medical field try to discredit this wonderful modality for their own gain and dismiss the thousands of people who have truly benefited from this work. I know that I have seen over 25 doctors, over 50 nurses, a handful of neurosurgeons, dentists, massage therapist, chiropractors and many others who have personally seen the benefits of reflexology. So let the quack-watchers say what they will, we know the truth about health and they know the truth about money.