Monday, July 23, 2007

A Physician’s Experience With Reflexology

I’m a 56-year-old male physician. I experienced a severe, right knee sprain 20 years ago resulting in chronic knee pain. There are presently fascial contractions in my lower leg and hip that have developed. I’ve experienced mild lower back pain and right mid-foot and heel pain for two years as well as stiffness in the right knee/foot and noticeable stiffness in my gait; frequent stretching is no longer working. Also, neck pain associated with sinus drainage.

1st treatment from Doug Holland: Sharp pains in both feet, right most severe during treatment. I experienced heat “flush” in right neck and enjoyed 5 days of nasal passage relief following treatment. After treatment, both feet felt like I was walking on air cushions, which continued for 2-3 days. Right foot pain was gone for 5 days. Only mild, mid-foot pain returned. A feeling of incredibly deep relaxation for 30 minutes after treatment and a tranquil state that lasted for several hours.

2nd and 3rd treatments: Much less tenderness in feet during treatment. Intense heat flushes to face and chest during mid-treatment, especially to right side of neck. Walking on air cushion sensation following treatment six days. Foot pain did not return. Noticed flexibility had returned to knee and walked without stiffness in gait. Neck issue was 99% gone since 3rd treatment. Deep relaxation after treatment and tranquil state lasted for about one hour.

4th treatment: No tenderness in feet during treatment. Walking on air feeling lasted 6 days. I experienced mild, mid-foot discomfort on 7th day. Right knee ache gone [had been chronic for 20 years]. No tenderness in knee to deep rubbing. Neck pain still gone. My right foot was feeling very flexible. I had less ‘heat’ sensations in this treatment. I experienced less profound relaxation, but still long-lasting tranquility (less irritability). In the last 10 minutes of treatment, I felt my right lung fill with mucus, which expelled frequently in the next 60 minutes; also a great deal of intestinal ‘growling’ during the last half of treatment. Experiencing no NP or foot pain at all. Air cushion effect continues.

5th treatment: Entered treatment with no pain in body, but tired after a hard day. No foot pain during treatment except very tender in adrenal region of right foot. During treatment heartbeat strength and noted increase which continued 6 hours after treatment. Also experienced an agitated, nervous state which lasted for several hours; unable to ‘wind down’. Slept well and awoke refreshed and normal. Air cushion in feet remains.

6th treatment: No body pain entering treatment. My feet were not tender nor was there any heat sensation during treatment. I experienced an odd right, mid-foot sensation near little toeside during treatment and I also felt deep relaxation following it and a tranquil attitude for a short time. The air cushion sensation and youthful “spring in my step” feeling lasted for several hours following reflexology.

Results so far:
1) No more Neck Pain
2) No foot pain for 5 weeks
3) Walking with a normal gait
4) 20 years of chronic knee pain reduced to very minor level, most days pain-free.

Physician (anonymous)

“original main complaint: right mid foot pain, chronic right knee pain and stiffness in gait.

It has been one week since last treatment. Just the slightest hint of stiffness has crept into right foot and knee since yesterday. No other complaint.”Today’s treatment experience:

“No sensitivity in feet during treatment, with one exception. Right foot was very reactive in area of transverse colon all the way across to left foot near splenic flexure reflex just before descending colon. During treatment to that region of the foot, right thigh experienced “goose flesh” and mild tremor of short duration followed by intense intestinal growling throughout the rest of the treatment (and for about 1 hour after the treatment).

Immediately following treatment my usual deep relaxation was replaced by an energized mental state of very short duration, (20 minutes). Within one hour of treatment deep fatigue required a 90 minute nap. Awoke refreshed and alert.

Feet, knee and gait rejuvenated immediately following treatment.”

Next treatment:

My condition at the start of this treatment: I was just starting to recover from 4 days of viral respiratory infection and feeling rundown. My feet and knees felt good.

During the treatment both of my feet were tender in the upper mid-foot, which corresponds to the lungs and lymph areas of the body. Very interesting as this area has never been tender prior to this respiratory bug.

After treatment I did not have my usual feeling of deep relaxation or fatigue, but felt my mental faculties strengthened and more stamina. Doug tells me this often happens after patients have received several treatments, since energy levels in the body have been restored and rest is no longer required. I’m going to miss that mellow feeling.

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