Friday, July 6, 2007

Pain in The Feet After Loved One Dies

Something I have found to be very strange and I thought needed some attention is “Super-Pain” in the feet. Now remember, this phenomenon (Super-Pain) is with my advanced patients only and those who have seen me several times over the course of many months. This strange reaction comes in the form of very intense pain all over the feet.

Why is that strange? Because these patients have two things that are very common to them.

1) They had no pain in their previous visits because of having their feet worked free of all congestion.

2) They’ve just lost a loved one who they were very close to or have received news that a loved one is very sick (such as cancer).

Time and time again, for no other apparent reason a patient will come to me and be in agony with the slightest touch to the feet. Only later they will reveal to me that they have just been through a traumatic moment (or someone they love has).

Still doubt the feet have little to do with revealing stress and sickness? My experience has raised interesting questions in both the patient and I, that may never be able to be answered in our lifetime.

The good news is, is that even though they sit through a reflexology session (perceived as torturous), their feet (and their body) crave the attention in order to dismiss the stressful agony of their emotional life. It is a blessing to see them leave calm, with a slight smile, and a restful gait that helps them face one more day in this world. Naturally, of course.

Doug Holland, Reflexologist.

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