Monday, July 23, 2007

Painful Feet At Work

Woman in her mid 40’s in good physical condition yet has pain in her feet from standing at work all day.
Treatment #: 1st treatment
Sept. 4, 2006
Signs during treatment:
1) Relaxed and in control of her emotions. Positive personality; no signs of depression. No major health problems to this date to speak of. Just sore feet.
Special reflexes that were noticed: (SS stands for sensitivity scale)

1) Hallux (side of neck) caused patient to thrash her head and have a neck release of some sort. Patient seemed very surprised to have that reaction 2 minutes into treatment.
2) Calcium deposits in feet seemed to be minimal at best
3) Adrenals on both feet (7 SS)
4) Hip/sciatic on both feet (9 SS)
5) Thyroid reflex in left great toe (Hallux) (8 SS)
Reaction from the patient:

- “I feel like I am floating on air.”
- Patient experienced a neck release that my stepfather (Chiropractor) was able to speak with patient about and confirm.
- A feeling of euphoria (the Buzz as I like to call it) was present long after the treatment.
-Patient was walking in a disoriented manner for the first 6 steps (from the reflexology chair), giggling on how wonderful she felt.
Conclusion of first visit:
A much hoped for reaction to a good treatment. This is the way 80% of my patients feel after first treatment. Patient will be visiting my office every 2 weeks. There should be no problem to get these reflexes under control and have healthy woman in less than 3 treatments.
With a slight imbalance of the Thyroid reflex it would be understandable for Adrenal glands to be sensitive also. We just need to fine-tune her endocrine system so that she will feel above par.

Doug Holland

*(SS) stands for Sensitivity Scale
*Scale goes from 1 to 10. 1 is like a light tickle and 10 feels like a nail is being driven into the foot. Reflex pain above an 7 get my attention..

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