Friday, July 6, 2007

Reflexology Helps Hip and Knee Pain

Well, it just goes to show that reflexology charts are not one size fits all. I use a very prominent chart in the reflexology field that shows where the reflexes should be. But people are people and they were around before charts. For instance; I worked on a 59-year-old female patient yesterday who has had severe hip pain for over 6 months. Nothing seemed to help her have lasting relief so she came to me on a recommendation.

After working her feet for about 20 minutes, the same reflex (10+ in sensitivity) kept stubborn to the end. What reflex was that? It was her knee reflex. Her hip/sciatic reflex was mild in comparison.

The good news is that after that first treatment her hip pain was gone. That’s right! One treatment helped her and of course she has rescheduled for further treatments.

To locate the knee reflex look to the lateral aspect off the foot, just below the cuboid (bone) notch. The picture above will help you to see where to walk the thumb and apply the pressure. Remember to walk the thumb vertical as well as across the vertical aspect. If this dose not help then move to the ankle bone (talus) and place your fingers just below the bone and press/rub that area. Remember this is the outside of the foot (lateral).

Doug Holland IR

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Lisa Lee said...

I am a 2001 IIR Certified Reflexolgist/ Ohio / Pisces / 1965.
Home based business. How is business?
Have you tried adding Acupressure into your Reflexology treatments? There is a Asian Bodywork class in Columbus end of March.